A live and online training course for photography, videography, drone operation, content creation, marketing and social media. 




A live and online training course for photography, videography, drone operation, content creation, marketing and social media. 

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Get started quickly creating captivating digital content with photos and video. 



Live and Online Classes

When you join CCC, you'll love having the option to come and play with us in person or learn digital content creation in your jammies! 

Course launches on Feb 15th, 2022

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Online Class Only

3 monthly payments of $240

Learn Content Creation Online

  • Begins Feb 16th, 2022
  • Learn from anywhere
  • Access to all our modules
  • Membership in our FB Community
  • Email Support
  • Lifetime Membership

Live In Person + Online

3 monthly payments of $615

Train with us side by side

  • Begins Feb 15th, 2022 at Anoka Technical College, Anoka, MN
  • Evening Classes
  • Limited Enrollment (30) means lots of personal attention
  • Learn in person AND online
  • Camera equipment provided
  • Hands on Drone flying
  • Email Support
  • Membership in our FB Community
  • Lifetime Membership

Why Should I Choose Content Creators Cohort?

This course contains everything you'll need to get started in photography, videography, drone operations, marketing, graphic design, social media and more.  

Who is this Class for?


Looking for ways to launch your YouTube channel or turn your passion into profit? This is the course for you! 

Marketing Professionals

Whether you work for a Fortune 500 company or a small business, you know that you have a need for great digital marketing. 


Adding value to your photography or adding more media capture skills means more opportunities to make money with your camera. 

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Meet Our Team

Industry Pros who are here to help you help you get started with digital content creation. 

Michael Sutz

Documentary Filmmaker at Twelve Plus Media

Catherine Davis

Photographer & Professor of Photography, Anoka Technical College

Zackary Nicklin

UAS Director at National Center for Autonomous Technology at Northland Technical College

Matt Reinan

Digital Marketing Manager at Prime Advertising and Design

Ryan Keihn

Freelance photographer & Drone Survey Technician

Heidi Braun-Kahn

Director of Workforce Development & Customized Training at Anoka Technical College

Frequently Asked Questions



Do I need to have a professional camera or drone to take this course?

No! If you are just getting started we will make some gear recommendations for you to consider AFTER you've had a change to learn more about photography, videography and drone operation.  

Student joining our in person course will have access to check out cameras and equipment from us throughout the class.  This hands on experience is a major advantage of joining us for the in person course. 

Students joining us online can use their mobile device (one of the most powerful digital media tools ever created) to learn while they get introduced to digital marketing. 


Will I have the opportunity to ask questions if I get stuck?

Yes! Throughout the course you'll be able to email us with any questions that popo up or join our Q&A session with your membership in our Facebook Community! This membership is lifelong and available even after the 12 week course is completed.

We want to build personal relationships with all our students and value your questions and input.  As a cohort of learners and teachers we will all advance our skills and knowledge together. 


What if I decide this course isn't right for me?

We proudly offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on Content Creators Cohort.  We want to make sure that you are getting huge value from this course. 


Do I need a computer or laptop to join Content Creators Cohort? Can I use my phone or tablet instead?

A laptop or desktop computer is recommended. Photo and video files are large so a computer with at least 500MB of storage availability is recommended. 

Students joining the in-person course will have access to a computer lap and remote access to the software we will be training on. This includes Adobe LIghtroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro X. 


Is Content Creators Cohort a for credit college course that could potentially transfer credits to another school?

Not at this time. This course is an introduction to digital imagery, marketing and content creation but not an accredited college course at this time.  


Does this course administer the FAA Part 107 exam?

All FAA tests need to be taken at certified FAA testing centers. Our instructors will show you how to schedule your exam and prepare you for the test but do not proctor the exam itself. Students who wish to receive their Part 107 certification are required sit for this exam which includes a $180 test fee which is not included in this course. 


Do I need to have previous experience to join Content Creators Cohort?

Nope! This course is an introduction to imagery and media. We will provide training on camera use, drone operation and much more.  You should have familiarity with either Mac or Windows computers operating systems and be able to do things like move files, save documents, locate files and use a web browser. 

What about class sizes for the live version of CCC?

The live class will be capped at the first 30 students to enroll so everyone will get plenty of one-on-one attention.  This does also mean that class minimums must be met in order to run this version of Content Creators Cohort.   

Testimonials about our Training

"The right materials in the right order - Sean does a masterful job of bringing it together in a cohesive and practical way"


"The instructor is very knowledgable and gave great advise for testing as well as general advice for operating a drone and camera"


"I appreciated the low-key atmosphere that still fostered learning and education. Sean was a great instructor!"


"My excitement grew more with each class I attended. I'm so happy i began my drone career with Sean"


"Relaxed atmosphere. I felt good about asking any questions I has without feeling intimidated."


"The mix of preparation for the FAA exam, real world knowledge and hands on time with professional cameras made the class very valuable"

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Sean Stevens

Photographer/Videographer/Drone Pilot/Entrepreneur


This course might as well be called the "Everything I wished I knew 6 years ago when I started my photography company" class.  

I've collected experts together to bring you what you'll need to get started in creating content quickly! 

If you've ever thought about getting into photography, video, social media or marketing...this is the place to start! 

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Notice to all customers/users of Content Creators Cohort (DBA: Sky Eye Films LLC). Content Creators Cohort does not hold itself out as a post-secondary school and provides no educational state credits nor any state authorized degrees or certificates that could be used for post-secondary school benefits or alternatives of any kind. Moreover the services and products are not guaranteed to earn you any employment, degree, client or payment. 

Course minimums are required. If not met, full refunds will be issued. 

If you have any questions regarding Content Creators Cohort, please contact us using the provided link in the menu above.